Welcome to the Saint Josephine Bakhita Baptism Ministry web page! Our goal is to provide you with an overview of the Baptism Preparation Program, answer frequently asked questions, and provide other information to help you get prepared.

Goals of the Baptism Preparation Program
  • Foster a deeper understanding of the Sacrament of Baptism and its importance for new parents.
  • Give a warm and friendly introduction to the parents of new-born babies
  • Embody the positive and caring nature of the Saint Josephine Bakhita community
Baptism Preparation Program

Classes for parents of children to be baptized are held four times a year to explain to the new parents the meaning of the rituals and symbols used in their child's baptism. This meeting takes approximately one to one and a half hours and is led by our pastor, deacon, or pastoral associate. It is customary for a host couple from the Baptism Program to visit briefly with the couple prior to the class to explain the preparation program and answer any questions that the parents may have.

New parents can request Baptism for their children by calling the Saint Josephine Bakhita Parish Office (529-8655). The secretary will contact the host couple, who in turn will contact the parents to begin the preparation process.

Members of Saint James who are interested in participating in the Baptism Preparation Ministry are invited to call the Office at 860-529-8655

FAQs from people seeking Baptism

While the program is straightforward, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions to make it easier still:

  • Before calling to schedule a baptism, at least one parent must be a registered member of St. Josephine Bakhita Parish for three months or more
  • Godparents will need a sponsor certificate, obtainable from their parish, if they are not from Saint Josephine Bakhita
  • There is no set fee for the Baptism. Free will donations may be offered.
  • Pages 6 and 7 of the booklet "Your Baby's Baptism" contains a section on common questions and answers. You are encouraged to bring up other questions at the workshop.
  • The workshop is scheduled four times a year in Father Shea Hall (located in the same building as the church, immediately behind the rearmost pews).
  • The workshop will last from one to one and a half hours and is informal. You may bring your baby if you wish. Godparents are also welcome to attend if they wish.
  • The workshop is led by a Saint Josephine Bakhita priest or staff member. All couples having children baptized in the coming month participate. Light refreshments are usually served. The workshop is an excellent opportunity for you to meet other couples adjusting to the same lifestyle changes you are experiencing.
  • Baptism instruction takes place four times a year.
  • Family and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend the Baptism.
  • The priest or deacon officiating during the sacrament determines the policy for photography and videos. Inquire at the preparation meeting regarding how your child's Baptism will be handled.
  • The baby does not need to wear anything special. Some families may have an heirloom or a relative may buy a Baptismal Gown; however this is not a requirement.
  • A candle and white stole, made by members of the parish Sewing Guild, will be provided to your baby during the ceremony. The baby will be anointed on the breast with blessed oil during the ceremony; please have the top few buttons of their outfit unfastened.